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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Belief In The Oneness Of Allah

: English Course For al-Azhar University ( Second Year Students )

Islam means submission and obedience to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. Since the only authentic source of knowing about Him and His Will and Law are the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH), we may define Islam as that religion which stands for complete faith in the teachings of the Prophet and steadfast adherence to his ways of life. Consequently, one who ignores the teachings of the Prophet and claims to follow Allah directly is not a ‘Muslim’.

The teachings of Islam were made complete through the Prophet (PBUH) who was sent for all mankind. His prophethood was not meant for any particular nation or country or period; his message was for all peoples and for all ages. The earlier codes were abrogated by the advent of Muhammad (PBUH) who gave the world a complete code of life. This means there will be no new Prophets and no new religious code until the Last Day. Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings are meant for all the children of Adam and the entire human race.

Now Islam means obedience to Muhammad (PBUH), that is, acknowledging his prophethood, believing in all that he has asked us to believe in, following him in letter and spirit, and submitting to all his commands and injunctions, the most fundamental of which is La Ilaha Illallah “There is no god but Allah”

The Most fundamental teaching of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is faith in The Oneness of Allah. This is expressed in the primary Kalimah of Islam as “There is no deity but Allah” ( La Ilaha Illallah ). This illuminating phrase is the bedrock of Islam, its foundation and its essence. It is the expression of this belief which differentiates a true Muslim from a kafir (an unbeliever)or mushrik (one who associates others with Allah).

The acceptance or denial of this phrase produces a world of difference among people. The believers in it become on single community and the unbelievers form an opposing group. For the believers there is the prospect of unhampered progress and success in this world and in the Hereafter, while failure and torture are the ultimate lot of those who refuse to believe in it.

But the difference between believers and unbelievers does not result from the mere chanting of a new words. Obviously, the mere utterance of a phrase or two is not in itself important. The real difference lies in the conscious acceptance of this doctrine and complete adherence to it in practical life. Mere repetition of the word ‘food’ cannot fight hunger; mere chanting of a medical prescription cannot heal the disease.

In the same way, if the Kalimah is repeated without any understanding, it cannot work the revolution which it is meant to bring about. This can occur only if a person grasps the full meaning of the doctrine and accepts and follows it in letter and spirit.

The End.


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